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Any old or unwanted clothes for cash. Not only does this help us cut our natural waste by recycling unwanted goods, but gives you a little cash to buy something new for you to enjoy. At Cash for Clothes we recycle : CLOTHES, SHOES, CURTAINS, TV,s
( working OR not ) and most HOUSEHOLD goods..

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It's simple, gather your unwanted clothes or household items.Bag them up. Find your nearest shop from our locations section. Visit our shop, where your bags will be weighed. We pay you cash on the spot.


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Collect all your recyclable items together. Bag them up according to type. Clothing in one bag. Household in another. text or call us for a collection time.We arrive at your location, weigh your bags. Cash is paid to you on the spot.


Items we Recycle:


CLOTHES: Accessories ( Sunglasses, Hairbands, Umbrellas, baseball hats etc ), Bags, Belts, Blouses, Dresses, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Jackets & Coats Jumpers and Cardigans, Knitwear, Leggings, Nightweare, Sleepwear, Polo Shirts, Shirts, Shoes, and Boots.

HOUSEHOLD: Accessories ( CD's, DVD's, Jewellery, Rings, Necklaces, Braces, Earings ). Towels, Bathroom Mats, Bedding, Curtains, Bikes, Prams, Perfumes, etc.



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